Coles New World is another name for Coles which was first invented in the mid-20th century and ran until the 1990s.

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Post War Coles Edit

After World War II, Coles was becoming a major business and started to sell electrical appliances. However in this time if you wanted meat and light bulbs, you would have to go to two different Coles stores. But that all changed in 1962 when the first 'Coles New World' was opened in Frankston, Victoria

Merging with Coles Edit

Eventually, Coles wold mark down prices on over 7000 items and Coles Combined with Myer and Bi-Lo. In the late 1980s, Coles has decided to merge Coles New World with their actual Coles Stores, which is what you can find today, Coles.

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Coles New World (Australian ad, 1981)

Coles New World (Australian ad, 1981)

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