Cooloangatta is a town in Queensland, it is considered a part of the Gold Coast or Surfers Paradise. The population is - 5,193

History Edit

Coolangatta was one of the earliest settlements on the Gold coast. The settlement was focused on Point danger. The settlement was actually founded 1828, but it being a township was surveyed in 1883. In Kirra beach a boat called Coolangatta was wrecked on the 18th of August 1846. Coolangatta became a border town, which has a customs office and a Government wharf. Only little remains of the early settlement of Coolangatta, but evidence remains of a development in the early 20th century. Before 1903 Coolangatta was a town administered by Nerang, a town nearby. But in 1914 Coolangatta became a town with it's own council.

Gallery Edit

Coolangatta rocks
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