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Cyclone Hilda is a cyclone that lashed the coast of Western Australia, specifically Broome over the final few days of December in 2017. It first lashed the Aboriginal community of Bidyadanga that left structural damage and thankfully, no injuries. After it struck Bidyadanga, an 'all clear' was issued and it became only a Tropical Low. However the damage wasn't finished. It started to head towards the town of Broome where more damage was made but again no injuries were reported. However, the cyclone did bring out many snakes into the area specifically Green Tree Snakes. Some Homes around the Bidyadanga and Broome regions are still without power. The Cyclone had begun to Track South though towards the community of Walla Downs.
  • As of 29th December 2017, the BOM Website had de-classified it as a Cyclone and now it is a Tropical Low. However Heavy Rainfall and the Tropical Low are still able to cause damage to homes and property. The BOM predicts that the majorly affected areas will be the towns of Telfer and Parnngurr.
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