Expo '88 is the 35th World Expo and it took place in Brisbane. It was chosen to be Brisbane as celebration for Australia's Bicentennary

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In 1973, Gough Whitlam put forward an idea, to celebrate the 35th World Expo in Australia in honour of Australia's bicentennary. Eventually after Gough Whitlam was dismissed from power, Malcolm Fraser continued the idea and campaigned for it to be held in Victoria or NSW. Finally, when Bob Hawke came to power, he won the rights to hold Expo 88 and chose it's location to be Brisbane.

Construction Edit

When Construction started for Expo '88 there was no where to situate it, that is until they found a large parcel of land near the Central Business District, they nicknamed it 'South Bank'. Just before this idea was made, the Brisbane Convention Centre was constructed. Over 100 Works of art were leased for Expo '88 at the cost of $25 Million. Sun Sails were erected to provide shade from the Queensland climate. For some reason, these became on icon of the expo and eventually with influence the logo for the Expo. For the Expo, the Night Companion was constructed. A Monorail was also constructed. These went through the Queensland Pavilion, Pacific Lagoon and the Brisbane River. After the Expo some of the parts of the Monorail was fitted into the Sea World Monorail

World Expo 88 Edit

The Expo ran from April 1988 to October 1988. On 30th April 1988, the Expo was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II. A total of 36 Pavilions were opened for the event and one of them remains today, The Nepalese Peace Pagoda. The Mascot for the Expo, Expo Oz was actually designed by Disney. The Theme Song 'Together we'll show the world' was designed by Frank Millward and Carol Lloyd. The Colourful influence of the Australian Pavilion was done by Ken Done. Strangely enough, at the Closing Ceremony, the Sun Sails logo was burnt on the Brisbane River

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Even Today, SouthBank still stands and so do some other icons such as the Night Companion, Nepalese Peace pagoda, the Courier Mail Piazza and more 

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7News - 7News Flashback - Expo 88

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