Gin Gin is a small locality located in the state of Queensland

History Edit

What's in a name ? Edit

Gin Gin is derived from the original station's name at was situated here at one point, one word is of aboriginal meaning and means red soil, thick scrub. The area was settled in 1847 when two men, Gregory Blaxland and William Forster built a pasture in the area. Where the town is was once a cattle station owned by three time premier of Queensland, Sir Thomas McIlwraith. The area nicknamed the Wild Scotsman county as bushranger, James Alphin McPherson was captured here.

Schooling Edit

Gin Gin Provisional School did not last very long as it only lasted from 1882 to 1890 when it was replaced by Gin Gin State School with only 8 students. In 1956, High Schooling was offered to the school until an actual High School, appropriately named Gin Gin High School opened in 1972. A pre School opened in 1977 and in 2006 became part of the Gin Gin State School

Events Edit

  • Wild Scotsman Festival: Once held on the 3rd week of March, it recognises the capture of bushranger James McPherson.

Trivia Edit

  • Gin Gin is one of the towns mentioned in the original version of I've Been Everywhere

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