Sarina is a small town south of Mackay located in Queensland

History Edit

Not Sarina, but Plane Creek ! Edit

The town of Sarina was not always known by the name Sarina, it was originally called 'Plane Creek' after the Plane Creek pastoral run on which the town was founded in 1865. In 1894, the Colonial Sugar Refinery's headquarters were moved from the town of Homebush to Plane Creek. A mill opened in Plane Creek in 1896 which hastened the establishment of blacksmiths, post offices and stores.

Spread of the Sugar Cane Edit

Finally in 1908, Plane Creek was renamed to Sarina. By 1910, the town of Sarina had churches, schools and the amount of cane being supplied to the mill had doubled since 1905. In 1912, Pioneer Shire council took hold of Sarina and nearby localities from Mackay. Throughout the 20th Century, the town started to open up alcohol distilleries, hospitals, golf clubs and a show society in 1965. During the 1970s, there were plans for coal exports from Sarina to other places such as Hay Point.

Events Edit

  • Sugar Festival (1983): A festival that occured in 1983 and gave birth to the town's 'mascot', Buffy the Cane Toad. Originally crafted as a float for the festival, it has since become situated on Broad Street in Sarina and has been covered in fibreglass.

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