Tennant Creek is a small Locality in the Northern Territory

History Edit

Laying Foundations Edit

European's did not discover the area until around 1860, when the failed expedition of John McDougall Stuart. In return for the financial help that John Tennant gave Stuart, he named the town after Tennant. The Overland Telegraph construction made it's way through Tennant Creek in the late 1870s. In 1874, The Telegraph Station was built. This remains one of four remaining original stations. In 1930s, Tennant Creek hosted the site of Australia's last gold rush. Before this, the Station remained isolated. It was first discovered by J Smith Roberts and later discovered again by Charles Windley in Tennant Creek's first mine.

The Residents take part Edit

Cecil Armstrong: built the Armstrong's Bakery in 1937. He worked there for over 20 years. Mrs Weaber: Wife to the owner of one of the richest mines before WWII, Rising Sun Mine. She paid for the run down church at pine creek to be transport, plank by plank to Tennant Creek. She began the Tennant Creek Christmas Tree event, look below for more. She left the town following personal events in the 1940s

Places to Go Edit

  • Battery Hill
  • Nyinkka Nyunyu Arts

Events Edit

  • Tennant Creek Christmas Tree Event: Beginning in the 1930s by Mrs Weaber, every Local, Child or Visitor is given a present

Trivia Edit

  • Cecil's PO Box and Phone Number were both 1
  • The Town today is situated on a strip of land known as Paterson Street

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